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New surveys, new questions

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Vue de la case malgache Plan général effectué à l'aide du théodolite Atterrissage du Transall 

Grains succeed during the morning, the survey work find, indeed, punctuated with retreats to shelter under the "case of Malgasy."

Polls farthest are negative, but most can reach the archaeological layer at a depth of about 80 cm. This layer normally is shrinking while the probe is moving away from buildings, but some surveys reveal some surprises, indicating a high occupancy that we cannot yet explain.

Jean-Francois is exempt from poll to be able to finalize the inventory of the equipment. He has carried out important work that we can come away with a computer database including a description and photo of each object.
The team going to be dispersed at the end of the work is an important asset than to have this inventory.
For his part, Thomas has completed the plan of the building, identified using the theodolite. He summarizes the work of our three digs.

The Transall that provides fuel for the weather station is scheduled for 15:00. Each approaches the runway to see the plane make its landing ...
Given the time in the morning, we were concerned that grain does not come on time befall on Tromelin. The sky has finally uncovered, and the approach is carried out without difficulty.
The birds that pilots fear are few, because at this time, most adults are crazy for fishing at sea.
The aircraft landed in a cloud of dust and just open the aft cargo to unload the drums of diesel fuel, for generators that power the island.
We take this plane to put as much material as possible.

A TAAF mechanic is on the trip to repair the tractor. First good news he brings the right spare part, identified using the picture we sent. The repair was done in half an hour and the tractor is available again.

His work completed, and after inspecting the runway, the pilot took of in the air, waiting to come and fetch us in three days.

We are living our last days on Tromelin.