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Polls Device

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Philippe verse la dernière brouettée Le chantier finalement rebouché Bako dans le sondage Ouest 

He falls, almost every night, showers that keep the water supply station at an appropriate level. In the morning the sky cleared and the trade wind continues to blow between 10 and 15 knots, ensuring proper ventilation.

In the morning, we finish the backfilling of the site; the last wheelbarrow is emptied about 09:00. The moment is immortalized with a photo.

Now freed from this constraint, and after a long break, we are implementing a series of polls devices 1m x 1m. This is firstly to evaluate the space occupied by the survivors around the buildings they had constructed and, secondly, to attempt to find the graves that must be nearby.

Four surveys were undertaken, two in the yard is now covered, one to the west and the south. The presence or absence of archaeological layer corresponding to occupation of the castaways, and its thickness when present, can gradually draw the entire occupied zone.

It is still early to evaluate this surface, but it seems that everyday life and in particular food consumption does not exceed a space of fifteen feet around buildings. The main markers of this occupation are sand mixed with ash, gray color, and the presence of bird’s bones.

To find this layer, we must dig to a depth between 80 cm and 1 m, which make these surveys resemble to wells.

In the late afternoon, building on the horizon appears. The binoculars can recognize a frigate of the Navy. We call with the radio on channel 16, it is the Nivose. His helicopter was soon to come off and go around the island at a respectable distance while the sun was about to fold.