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The time to cover the excavation has arrived

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Thomas at work in the building N°5 Bako’s birthday  

For the work of patching we changed our schedules, thus avoiding the heat. We start work at 07:00 and we will extend until 10:30. In the afternoon, we work from 16:00 to 18:00. It is true that looking at the weather city, it must seem a bit surreal to hear us complaining about the heat.

The patching work is well underway, shovels and wheelbarrows are sufficient for now. This afternoon, Bako is the kitchen. Thus liberated, Zineb took the opportunity to wield a shovel with consummate skill.

Thomas is still working on what we call the building 4, the first uncovered this year and we face many problems. He seems to have changed, perhaps several times and we struggle to find one hand to its initial state and on the other hand, the sequences of successive building, which is not easy knowing that the walls are mounted without mortar. Thomas advance with caution, noting all the successive states not to miss a capital observation.

We find again two small sherds of Chinese ceramics, including a fragment of a teapot lid.

We are talking about whether or not to leave in place the two beautiful nails that probably served anvils, found in the state in building 5. Jean-Francois wants to be able to recover them to include in a future exhibition, but the difficulty of the conservation treatment of iron poses the problem of their ability to maintain the current appearance of the nails.

The mining activities are now more and more limited, it is time to speak slowly in our daily living conditions, and a photo of Bako’s birthday shows some of the diners in the "dining room" station, overlooking the sea and the natural ventilation device.