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Rest day and another week in the preparations

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Young gannet in a coconut tree Acrobatics Thomas at the maneuver 

Sunday mid day, grill! Jean-Michel officiating around the barbecue.

In the evening, the game of “pétanque” is interrupted by the roundabout of the frigates that we see from a distance. Players leaving their balls ran towards the beach. Attacks by biting black birds we were not wrong, it is indeed an outbreak. Frantically, the gray hatchlings run to the sea trying to overcome obstacles blocking their route. Kept at bay by our presence, frigates leave about thirty of them a chance to reach the sea and thus find themselves confronted with the jacks and other fish predators, predators as fearsome.

Tomorrow we will know the record number of tortoises that came to lay during the month, but it will certainly be impressive since some days more than 70 of them came to lay their eggs.

A gannet comes to take up residence in a coconut tree in the center aisle. Its flight being unsteady, he hit a tree and finally settled, hesitating on a palm. He tried again to fly, rather than returning to his native Veloutier, he returned to his palm, feeling no doubt be a better view. According to Jean-Michel, this case is not isolated.


The sky is loaded and the night has been marked by heavy showers. The day is particularly difficult, the water falled during the night evaporates and the humidity is abominable.

Each plod on in the hard sun in anticipation of the photos to be done tomorrow, the tarps was removed.

We carry out final checks and small surveys to gather as much information as possible. At the bottom of a survey a little eccentric, almost a meter deep, a surprise awaits us, we find a new flint, which, it seems, has been widely used.

Become almost daily ritual, the day ends with a series of measurements with the theodolite. The central Veloutier discomforts a little and operations must be creative so that the target remains visible of the theodolite.

A message confirms the flight back on December 10, we start watching the weather metropolis with a little more attention.