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Inventory day

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

The purslane prairie The objects awaiting the inventory Abstract: Beach Ball 

The news from our partners tributaries last night and this morning, there were successively messages from students at the University of Beziers and the flurry of questions from 26 of Semoy which arrived. We took a quick glance at the statistics of the “” website given this morning; it shows that the interest keeps on climbing, because yesterday we had 1227 visits.

Today is normally a half day rest, but this was not the case of the team responsible for the identification of objects, Jean-Francois, Joe and Bako worked all day to put in boxes about 150 additional items. That means measuring, weighing, photographing and baptize each object before saving it to our database.

This morning Thomas in solitary to examine in detail the structures uncovered. It was to at least to emit a few hypotheses than to gather up all the observations. This exercise is not as obvious as it sounds. Sometimes the details escape us, but once it’s pointed they appear as obvious. As a good archaeologist he always has an eye everywhere and this morning he found; a little further from the site, a tiny piece of Chinese porcelain once again.

By late afternoon, around 5:15 when the sun begins to decline and the heat is less aggressive, we take a stroll along the beach southwest. The few showers have given a boost for tufts of purslane and he depression of the south of the island is now green. Curley’s return from sea, alone or in groups observed by the frigates, their predators in a black dress.

On the beach objects discarded by the sea can sometimes call a few abstract images. Strolling along the way we meet the athletes who perform around the island at full speed.

The meal tonight was prepared by Thomas helped by Philip, there will be coconut cake!