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Who will find the origin of the ceramic shard found today?

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

While waiting for the end of the rain The site in progress after the downpour Shard of a Chinese ceramic bowl 

The morning work barely started, a heavy shower interrupts everything. It lasts about 20 minutes and the tarps are not sufficient to protect the diggers.

Today is question of making final checks at various places on the site to complete the general plan, and answer a few questions that remain.

To the east of the area where we’re working, Joe and Thomas expand a survey to demarcate a wall, when they are in a layer of earth a beautiful piece of broken ceramic bowl from China. This is the fourth fragment that we found this year and we find that we find more of Chinese ceramics than European ceramics...

We cannot resist the pleasure to present this ceramic by launching a search (to identify and date) to all our readers, particularly students and schools, colleges and students of the University.

We are launching a challenge to see who will give the first correct answer (the time of sending the email message here on Skyfile, or via Sebastian, or the forum of our website determining the order of answers). There will be two categories: students and other readers some of whom I know are experts.

Morning break is marked by the crossing over the island, of two long-haul aircraft, one flying north the other south. The one going southwards fly’s at higher altitude and fills the sky with four track contrails.

We continue to study the building of which we do not know is the builder; the walls are not very large, about 25 centimeters, which distinguishes this building from all others.

At noon, Jean-Michel announces that a tortoise was found dead at the northern tip of the island ... It is the third in ten days!

You should know that when they lay eggs, the tortoises are exhausted and hardly regain the sea. It happens that they get up and leave too late, provided they have not yet returned to the water before 10:00 morning, the sun is already high, the risk is high that the heat kills them. Sometimes they come to wander and they take the wrong path, exposing them to risk of dehydration which will be fatal.

We're seeing Saturday coming with a lot of relief.