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Questions about the excavated village

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Interior of the building number 6, we also see the tripod. Max draws. Phillipe holds the sight of the theodolite. Bako is in her area of search. Practical: the position of the excavator lying ... with a cushion! 

At the first light of day about 5h30 a violent and brief rain showers. Since water is scarce we say it's raining showers. Once the sun is high, the atmosphere will be heavy and humid.

The "briefing" gives rise to discussions on the situation. First on the program, knowing that we need another good week for filling the open sites, it leaves us with only a few days of constructive work. The discussion then focuses on the problems to be solved, in particular the need to better define the limits of the first building found this year, which has two possible entries. On the significance of the hamlet we discover little by little, the design of parts nested inside each other is contrary to the notion of individual habitat in Madagascan. However, it is understandable that these buildings huddled against each other are the image of mutual protection that seeks to offer the castaways.

The expected humidity is present, the theodolite is implemented to position all the found objects, and Max helped by Bako began to draw a picture of the entire site: Madagascan housing and buildings of the weather station located in the area.

Jean-Francois continues to excavate the last building discovered. Its dimensions are modest: less than 2 x 2 m and we are amazed at the amount of work that went into its construction for such a small working volume. The upper layers are filled with black sediment and a cluster of coral blocks and "beach rock". Unfazed Jean-Francois continues the evolution of the room. Under rocks, another layer of black sediment contains a series of pieces of iron pins, nails, iron plates, hooks and surprise a tripod identical to that discovered in 2008. This time it is not in place above a fireplace but thrown there after the departure of the castaways in an era that we have a hard time to assess.

The screeners are at work to help us understand. The interest of all is such that we forget the usual pause. The facing inner walls of this building is different from those observed elsewhere, it consists of blocks of coral broken in two, forming the broken side facing the wall.

Today is Bako’s birthday, we made if we didn’t know anything, but tonight she will have the right to a birthday cake with candles!