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A nice surprise

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

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The team goes to work as usual at 7:30.
After a short overview of the situation, Thomas divides the teams. Bako returns to continue his surveys, but this time Philippe manufactures, using plastic sheeting, a genuine Bedouin tent. It is true that we were afraid of seeing her burnt. Now is reigning on her tent like a queen of the desert.

Joe continues to dig along the weather building in ruins, in a chaos of stone where it is difficult to find consistency. His obstinacy, helped by the cushion he placed under his knees not to suffer too much, eventually paid off and the remains of a wall made of slabs of "beach rock" appear in a vertical position. Unfortunately, the space left between the wall and foundations of the weather building is so narrow, about twenty centimeters; we have no chance of finding something.

Further east, where hope was born yesterday, Max and Jean Francois emit the sand, trying again to find a consistency in the pile of stones around them.

The search is interrupted a moment by Philip who brings a wheelbarrow full of fresh coconuts at the 9:30 break.

After a final jerk, a luxury breakfast, despite the multitude of small flies that have invaded us for two days. Zineb has prepared a guinea fowl with cabbage and an apple crumble that greedy would fight for.

After a wrest, where everyone can find the solution that suits him: hammock, mattress under a coconut palm tree, bed ... Work starts over again. In the east, the archaeological ground reveals many scattered bones of turtles, but also an iron tool, probably a kind of hammer manufactured with metal whose origin remains a mystery.

At the very end of the afternoon, a pleasant surprise awaits us: While stripping the eastern sector, the wall collapses and reveals an uncovered wall that looks like the inside wall of the buildings discovered during the 2008 mission. The study of a new building is on the menu tomorrow, everyone in the superb spirit.