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Wind, beads and heat

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Bako and Thomas Thomas and Joë examen the bedrock of the walls

As on previous days, we have to deal with the wind and beads overnight.
In the morning, the sky clears.

It is not because we are on a weather forecast base that we look at the weather closely with a lot of attention, but the island is "so atmospheric" that we can only be attentive to the wind, the clouds as well as to the sea which surrounds us, it also becomes a conditioned reflex during the hours that follow.

For this new day on the site, each person activates in their corner.

Bako clears the base of the wall built by the castaways and that we had brought to light in 2006. It is a question here, as Joé and Thomas do in the northern opened sector, to understand how the modern building was set up by using (or not) walls built by Malagasy.

The examination of the sedimentary layers and the use of the theodolite allow resolving the problem.

The other team continues to release the sediment of the new excavation sector cleared yesterday and, late in the afternoon, the ground of occupation of the castaways begins to appear.

Again, there are several shells of turtles put on the ground which are brought to light. Some small objects are found in the layer, in particular a shard of varnished ceramic (inside and outside) of green color.

During the afternoon, while the heat is overwhelming and while the break is welcomed with reassurance, we are entitled to the particular attention of the station manager, Olivier, who made us a cake that Jean-François hurries to bring us from the kitchen, after loading the wheelbarrow with cool drinks.

At night, the moonlight that grows slowly obscures the stars, but illuminates the sea.