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Algeria, 7th June 2005

Third training course on techniques of underwater archaeology organised within the framework of EUROMED HERITAGE II - First operation of its kind in Algeria

A training course on the techniques of underwater archaeology is taking place in Algiers from the 4th to the 30th June, 2005. This has been organised within the framework of the « La navigation du savoir– - Network of the historical Arsenals of the Mediterranean » , one of the projects of the European program Euromed Heritage II (under the responsibility for the University of Malta and UNESCO and financed by the European Commission). This is the third such training course after those held in France in September 2002 (Villefranche-Sur-Mer) and in Malta in June 2004.

It is aimed at Mediterranean trainees who already have a theoretical background in archaeology. As in the previous two, this training course is being organised by the Groupe de Recherche en Archéologie Navale with the administrative and financial support of the Ministry for Culture of Algeria and the collaboration of the Algerian Navy.

In addition to the core team of professional archaeologists and divers, and technicians of the geophysical survey, this course has 11 trainees from three different countries: five Algerians, three Maltese and three French. This course and associated underwater archaeological research is the first of its kind to be officially organized in Algeria.

This is a particularly important fact for the Algerian authorities and especially for the Ministry of Culture. The latter has built on this initiative by setting up (within the framework of the Agency of Archaeology) a unit in charge of the protection and study of Algeria 's submerged cultural heritage.

The training course comprises of: a) a geophysical survey in the Bay of Algiers at the place where part of the fleet of Emperor Charles V was lost in 1541. The second part will be dedicated to the preparation and implementation of survey and recording techniques on various known underwater sites near Algiers.

This entire operation was the subject of a press conference in Algiers held on June 7, 2005 and will be recorded daily in a trilingual logbook (French-Arab-English) on Internet site

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Max Guérout
Groupe de recherche en archéologie navale, France - Paris
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Phone during the project : 00 213 - 77 10 43 76

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