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Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Interrogation autour du bâtiment n°4 Dessin de Max de l'un des objets trouvés Le briquet trouvé le 2 décembre 

The latest questions of the CM2 Semoy class have arrived. The answers are ready and will depart at the same time as the newspaper.
This contact, via a satellite link, we cannot even read the newspaper once put online, is one of the pleasures of this mission.

Through this paper, we try, somehow, make our work intelligible (I'm not sure there ever be reached), but also to convey our questions, our doubts and so little "thrillers" that allowed you to cogitate at the same time as us, and so much the better. The questions we are receiving show that this was sometimes the case.

The nights on the island are beautiful; the vision of the sky isn’t troubled by any air pollution or light. It is at once an amazing spectacle to contemplate the lactic pathway, constellations, planets and the thousand stars.

This Saturday is both dedicated to the pursuit of the latest inventory of objects unearthed, and their packaging. We have decided to put the equipment in a plane that will serve traffic on December 7 to provide fuel at the station. We take this opportunity to examine in more detail the objects that will require on our arrival a particular attention. Starting with iron objects a few but important: tripod, hammer, lighters, which soon will have to be applied a preservative treatment. Sketches or drawings of objects are also achieved.

The computer work has permited to digitize the plans of the site done manually, which also produce plans showing the successive stages of construction and modification of the building No. 4.This work boots to what will be the subject of the record of excavation and subsequent publication of scientific results.

Penser au rangement, c’est bien entendu penser à la fin de la mission et les esprits commencent de temps à autres à voler au-delà de l’horizon.

Around 17:00, while Joe and Lulu began their jogging around the island, almost the entire team can be found on the north beach where tortoises frolic in the turquoise water.