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The whole site in flash lights

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Jean-Michel at the controls of the forklift Aerial photos Aerial view of the site 

Everyone activates around the archaeological site: the last steps, cleaning, spackling and photographs of some polling schedules.
The prospect of having the tractor to clear all traces of construction relieves a bit everyone, but we still decided to proceed as if we were to be asked to recap the whole with shovels and wheelbarrows.

We photograph each building wall with a pattern so if need be, bound for exposure for example, to reconstruct the site identically.
Photographs of "vertical" are also made so as to make photo footage of the entire excavation site.

As expected, Jean-Michel and Jean-Francois, who made early morning count mounted their last tortoise of the month, we announced the surprising figure of November: 1398! This is more than double the count in November 2008. Tortoises feel better or the protective measures finally have a positive effect?

At late afternoon, we agreed to a series of photographs in height.

Around 16:30, the forklift, led by Jean-Michel, is positioned near the site in order to mount the platform high enough so that we can take photographs covering all buildings unearthed.
The cart is placed in three different places to achieve both, video and photographs.

The sun is already low on the horizon; we profit of the temperature with a little more lenient than that seen during the day for filling some holes.

We feel a little sadness at the idea of covering the site again and again to obliterate the material evidence of this poignant story.
We recognize that despite the amount of work done, we cannot control all aspects of what life was like for slaves from Madagascar. If we now have a clearer view of the built space they occupied, we are still little documented outside their area of occupation. Thus, whenever we have done surveys on the outskirts we found traces of occupation, a new avenue to explore.