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Still more questions raised

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Fields of nails The building that raises questions Dead nature 

We only have two or three working days left before having to reseal the open areas. The number and volume of piles of sand that surround the site are puzzling.

At this growing perplexity ads the fact that we still have not heard from our Mauritian partners, we fear a bit of seeing them come just to help us fill the site.

Site where several construction sites are open:

- Around the weather building destroyed, we can identify the layer of white sand deposited by the cyclone of 25 January 1956. The hurricane completely destroyed the brand new weather station installed a year ago. The identification of this layer, although dated, will soon serve as a benchmark.

- Another site, the more involved, corresponds to the release of the last building searched.
Objects found in the upper layer, after being released from the sediment, and positioned, are removed. The tripod is identical to that uncovered in 2008; the hook is, in turn, similar to those found in the kitchen the same year. They confirm that the entire consignment of iron objects that accompany them is really from the “Utile”. Still, it is still difficult to define when they were thrown into the building.
In the afternoon, things get complicated because the base of the wall rests on a layer of sediment dated with certainty to be later than 1776 and well before 1954!

This building would not have been built by the castaways of the “Utile”? But then by whom, when and why?
Decidedly, each discovery rises more questions than it amends!

Around the square of 2 x 2 m at the bottom of which Jean-François stripping the soil, layer by layer with the application, the comments are going well.
Between the two dates we have identified occurred two shipwrecks, shipwrecked then, did they built this building?
Subsequently, concessions have been granted to Mauritius to exploit guano on the island, but we do not know if these concessions have actually been implemented and if the dealers did get a foothold on the island.
And in that case why have constructed a building, small, moreover, while the remains of a half-dozen buildings wrecked by the Malagasy were still visible? Why did you use for the base of the walls, the same technique that Malagasy (blocks of "beach rock" upright) even if the rest of the wall, the technique of broken coral blocks differs from that used for other excavated buildings?

In her sector, Bako released a series of nails driven into the ground, we still do not know for what purpose, or even if there was a goal ... The number of framing nails which the shipwrecked disposed was so important that they should not be very important to their eyes.

Last night arrived via Skyfile, our Internet connection, a series of questions asked by high school students Roland Garros Tampon (Reunion), we'll try to answer quickly, the answers will be on the forum of our website in the section dedicated to this mission.