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Already 150 objects

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Overview east corner. Presence of large nails in a corner A well-deserved shower 


The news from the outside reached us in fragments, the rhythm of the few news bulletins and staggered off (for economical measures) generators.


Since yesterday, Bako received alarming news from Antananarivo and worries about her family. Being "stuck" in Tromelin doesn’t help her moral.


This Saturday was studious, the same trio as last week continued its inventory and registration of a hundred new objects.



During this same time, Max and Thomas have returned to the site to locate, using the theodolite, the objects inside the last discovered building (Bt No. 4).



The threshold of the door has been stripped, allowing us to measure the thickness of the “archaeological layer " still present there. A slab of "beach rock", which had fallen on the ground, is withdrawn. Under it, a layer of sand mixed with a lot of ashes is still in place. It escaped the "search" of the weather forecast in 1954, it measures only 40 x 40 cm but was found to contain several small objects that are not without interest: a flint stuck by rust to a piece of iron, a kind of Lead tapered neck, a bullet blunderbuss and a few nails. Many faunal remains consumed therein also included.



In this building, whose use still eludes us, the fire seems to have played a role. The presence of two fragments of flint also illuminates an aspect that we seek to elucidate; how did our castaways light their fire?



By late afternoon, after an outdoor shower, a game of petanque is organized along the runway where two curlews scamper around.


L'équipe observe