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The forge?

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Furnished space completely cleared. Jean-François taking photos of the site  The team observes with a lot of attention Thomas’s work

Around 5 am, a grain falls on the island. At dawn, the wind is almost zero and the forecast announces that frieze the 95%.

Sheets are carefully arranged so that nobody has to work in the sun, but this does not prevent an atmosphere similar to that of a "sauna".

We reached the floor of the building that we revealed yesterday, except in the corners, the layer of sediment has been excavated, most likely in 1954/1955 by the weather forecast, as we expected yesterday.

Thomas works in short bursts of precise trowel to study the few remaining sand ashes, and the team follows with curiosity the progress of his investigations.

Even if we're not the first to reach this level, all brought to light is impressive. The walls are solidly built on the principle now classic Tromelin: large slabs of "beach rock" are placed vertically at the base, and then the plates are arranged horizontally, carefully.

The walls reach about 1.20 m tall. Along the north wall, a space of 2m x 1m is delimited by stones placed on the field, two very big "nails" are planted vertically in the ground around them, lays several flat irons and nails. Strata of a dark gray color the brass "beach rock" vertically, indicating a high probability the use of fire.

What was the use of this building? It is still too early to tell, but everyone has already pronounced the word forge. Could the large nails have been used as anvils to form copper receptacles? Question which yet remains unanswered!

In the afternoon, we highlight the entry; two nails are driven vertically into the threshold, perhaps to maintain a board to prevent sand and hermit crabs to enter the room.

In the late afternoon, as usual, Jean-François takes photos of the site for us to keep, day after day, the image of progress.

When we abandon the site, the wind turns south and strengthens; it finally brought us a bit of freshness.