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A little break

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Inventory and photos of the objects.   Tuft of purslane found on the island.   Masked Booby protecting their offspring.

Saturday obliges today small deceleration of the activity. A team gets down to the inventory of objects brought to light in the week (about sixty) and photographs are taken. As, it now became a habit, the table-tennis table serves for the photo of objects.

Thomas and Max will in turn complete the stripping of the last excavation sector reached. They draw and triangulate each of the objects visible on the surface of the archaeological layer.

The general impression is that, far from home and brought to light in 2010, there are fewer items and more remains of consumed turtles.

After a meal that combines Creole and Moroccan dishes, each goes about its work and tastes the powerful charm of the island. Along the western beach a curlew follows us like a dog.

Taking advantage of the calm, Thomas prepares for tonight Accra, under the watchful eye of Jean-Michel the "chef".