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The contemporary ground of our castaway’s is already reached.

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Hole in the floor The team feminize the workplace: Bako and Zineb Turtle bones on the ground of abandonment

After two days, each took their marks and got acquainted with the whole team.

The life community settle’s up after Olivier's welcome, our station manager and his explanations concerning the good use of the electricity, the water and the Internet connection.

The morning briefing is reduced to its simplest expression: we continue the (affected) work we begun the day before!

The team of the «strong arms» is going to try to reach the ground of the weather building in ruins. The rest of the team continues to remove the sediment of the “northern” excavation sector.

At 11:00 am, as the archeologists stop the work, just to go to have lunch, Things have progressed well within the weather building.

The winch, however left in place, will not have prevented us from reaching, in a corner, the cemented ground. Rather than clearing up the whole room, we are going to try to go to see under the floor if the archaeological levels were preserved.

If this examination turns out positive then it will be time to think of moving the winch of which the mass compels us.

Late in the afternoon, the floor, formed by a layer of cement about 8 cms, was drilled and a surface about 1 m ² demolished with the crowbar.

The opening thereby applied reveals what seems to us to be some sand... We will see tomorrow  what to think of this situation.

In the « northern » sector, the work quickly advances!

In the afternoon, the station manager, Olivier, came to lend us a hand. During the weather engineers days off, they decided to take the shovel rather than to take advantage of resting.

We finally find the layer of white sand which covered the ground where lived the slaves after their departure, the very same one that we had the opportunity to observe during the previous campaigns.

The gestures are more precise and careful, and after two hours of efforts, the ground occupied by the slaves is released gradually revealing bones of turtles and framing nails which strew it.

Here we are thus returned at the time of our castaways, only two days after the beginning of the excavations.