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First difficulties, first surprise

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

A providentiel wheelbarrow  A winch is discovered  A drawing, not without humor, describing the restlessness of the current construction site

The night was cool, grains succeeded grains and the merry campers were able to test the waterproofness of their tents.

Hardly awakened, the sun displays a magnificent rainbow stuck on the last cloudburst which goes away northward.

First  "briefing" at 07:30 am, then the team goes to the archeological site.

Two tasks ahead:
- Open a new operation field of 4m x 4m, at the north of the weather building in ruins
- Clear the inside of one of the rooms of this building to go under the floor if the archaeological layer is still present.
The two skeletons discovered in 2008 can indeed come from this area.

The tractor removes the sediment to put it aside, but after an hour of work, the hydraulic pipe gives up and we have to stop. The picture of the pipe in question is sent to the TAAF ...
How and when can this damage be repaired? It is currently a point which remains on hold!

A wheelbarrow, bought the day before our departure, soon found its usefulness. The release of the building is athletic! The reinforced concrete roof is collapsed inside, so we must use the crowbar and shears to move on.
First surprise! Under the detritus of the roof, we find a winch which was once used to hoist on the beach parcels shipped by boat.

Last night, Sylvain Savoia, who works on his drawing board doing a cartoon on the history of the Tromelin forgotten slaves , sent us a friendly message and a drawing, continuing the tradition of 2008 ,integrated with the team at that time, drew for us, every morning, a drawing summarizing the day's adventures.