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Tromelin 2010 - the search continues

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

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On the lane of the air base 181, the Transall which has to take us to Tromelin waits for us. Weighing of luggage, recording of the passengers and diverse formalities take place in the usual hubbub of the departures.

We embark by by-passing the freightage and the luggage tightened in a net of stowage. Seats are Spartan but at least we can spread our legs.

 Take off in a deafening noise. Impossible conversations, each naps by thinking of their decreased night.

We really regret to have left Laurent Hoarau in “La Réunion” and we deplore the absence of the two Mauritian archaeologists for whose presence we hoped until the last moment.

The international character of the team now rests on the only shoulders of Bako Rasoarifetra, a Malagasy archaeologist who joined us two days ago. We are accompanied by two meteorologists: Guy Petit de la Rodhière and Richard Benito, who visited the island a few times in the 1960s. They will make only the round trip, but we are very interested in their description of the island and the installations of the weather report of that time.

The landing gear of the Transall touches the runway. The back door opens and the trade wind rushes into the plane carrying the scents of the island. This breath of maritime air inaugurates our third mission.

The teams, among which that of the searchers, quickly cross those who leave, the plane can only stay for two and a half hours because a second mission awaits.

The Transall takes off in a cloud of dust and leaves on the island weather expert and archaeologists: eleven people in all.

Tents are quickly displayed near the Malagasy compartment and their lighting installed by Philippe Tournois. The team settles down and each gets acquainted.