Navigation du Savoir - Algiers 2005

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Project presentation

In the context of « La navigation du savoir Network of the historical Arsenals of the Mediterranean » one of the Euromed Heritage II projects placed under the responsibility of the University of Malta and of UNESCO and financed by the European Commission, a training program on underwater archaeology techniques is organised is Algeria from June 4th to 30th 2005.

This training program is the third one after those which took place in Villefranche-sur-Mer (France) in September 2002 and on the island of Malta in 2004. This course is intended for trainees from Mediterranean countries and whom already have an underwater archaeology background.

These courses are organised by the « Groupe de Recherche en Archéologie Navale » (GRAN), a non-profit organization with over 25 years of experience. This training program emphasizes on preparative, administrative, practical, and technical aspects as well as post-excavation management of underwater archaeology projects.


Underwater activities have been authorized by the Algerian Ministry of Culture and are supported by the Algerian Navy. The program is composed of two phases; the first one is a training program for underwater prospecting using a magnetometer (data recording and analysis of terrestrial magnetic field anomalies). The second phase consists in the expertise and excavation of a wreck in the area of Algiers.


:: Instructors and staff :: :: Trainees ::
Hervé Blanchet
Jean-Marie Gassend
Max Guérout
Joe Guesnon
Jacques Morin
Martine Sciallano
Elaine Azzopadi (Malta)
Adlane Ferchouli (Algeria)
Anne Joyard (France)
Souad Lamouti (Algeria)
Noé Sardet (France)
Michael Spiteri (Malta)
Pierre Vacher (France)

Non-divers trainees :
Lyes Arifi (Algeria)
Mustapha Mahra (Algeria)
Kamel Stiti (Algeria)
Adila Talbi (Algeria)

:: Online log book  ::

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Translation :
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- arab : Brahim Hannach, Dept. of interpretation of the University of Algiers


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